Thursday, September 11, 2008

How to handle Overlapping of Large Text Fields in Crystal Reports

Level: Intermediate

Knowledge Required:
Crystal Reports

While working in Crystal Reports, we sometimes face a scenario when we need to put a Large Text Field (which can grow upto multiple lines). The issue comes if we try to put another Field after this Text Field. Example:

As you can see in above I have put to Formula Fields, both will contain Large Text which may expand. So here is the preview,

Therefore to solve this issue we can create multiple sub-sections in the same section. This can be achieved by Section Expert.

Now we will put the Fields in different sub-sections as,

And here is the preview again,

Note that in Crystal Reports Sections automatically expand, that is why when the first Text Field expands, the section also expands itself, therefore ultimately the next field renders properly.


Eler.........Oce said...

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Mahesh said...

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works fine

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Pravin Prajapati said...

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Imi Comp said...

How 'bout if the overlapping texts is in the Section Detail area?
You cannot make Detail for each record, or can you?

Arsalan Tamiz said...

@Imi Comp: The same technique applies on Detail Section as well. You can add sub-sections in Detail Section also.