Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dynamically Loading Data in TreeView control

Level: Beginner

Knowledge Required:
  • Typed DataSet
  • TableAdapter
  • SQL Server 2005
In my post Dynamically Loading Data in TreeView Control, I have discussed how to load the data on runtime in TreeView control. This post is for Windows Application (Windows Forms) platform. Recently I was asked to have the same code for Web Application. I think there are lots of articles available on Internet about this kind of stuff. But I am also submitting my own.

This is a very simple project demonstrates how to dynamically load data when TreeView's Node is expanded.


Note: The zip file contains DynamicTreeViewDatabaseSetup.sql T-SQL Script which will,
1) Create a database "MyDatabase"
2) Create a table "tbl_Category" in that database
3) Create a Stored Procedure "CategorySelect"
4) Put some data in tbl_Category

Please execute this script before running the project.

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Arshad said...

Great.. keep up the good work!